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The Project FAROS (the Spanish word for lighthouses) – co-funded under the LIFE+ Environment Instrument of the European Union - takes advantage of the background of experience, good practices and technologies derived from both the human experience, the literature as well as the results obtained in recent studies to give the guidelines to define a global and real-time information system both on board and in land as the core of an efficient and optimal working network of the actors involved in the fishing activity (fishermen and fleets, ports, industries, etc.) by taking advantage of the existing synergies between them. The aims are both the minimisation of discards/by-catch as well as their optimal valorisation to recover and to produce valuable chemicals of interest in the food and pharmaceutical industry. These valorisation technologies were already stated in a previous LIFE Project called BE-FAIR (www.befairproject.com).
These objectives complements the European Commission guidelines oriented to the responsible and sustainable management of the European fishing activity, specially in what refers to “ the reduction of unwanted by-catches and progressive elimination of discards” and “making the best possible use of the captured resources avoiding its waste” (EC communication on the reform of the CFP). In this way, the project objective aims to contribute to the minimisation of the adverse ecological and environmental impact of fishing activities, by helping fleets comply with the so-called “no-discard” or “zero-waste” production aboard, in agreement with the common fisheries policy (to promote a responsible and sustainable management of fisheries).
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